Dr. Oz Show Finalist REVEALS...

No. 1 Key to Losing Belly-fat and Excess Weight, and keeping them off for good!

without giving up your favorite foods!!

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being confused about food?

weight loss followed by weight gain?

lacking motivation to exercise?

can't focus nor get quality sleep?

Low Sex drive?

Belly-fat that Won't Go Away?

Sergio on the Dr. Oz Show

Honestly, I've struggled with all of these myself, even my first 10 years as a fitness and nutrition professional, so please don't judge or blame yourself, know that you are NOT alone, and most importantly, know that there's a solution to all of these.

Why Food & Weight Loss are Confusing

With all the marketing hype from the food and weight loss industries, as well as conflicting information and biased rsearch, it's no wonder you may be feeling confused.

Talk about biased... the egg industry releases research on eggs; the dairy releases research on dairy; and the meat industry releases research on meat.

How will this provide you with accurate and clear information?

One health expert says to eat cheese, while the other says it's bad for you... One says to cut out carbs, while the other says they're an essential macro nutrient. Who's right?

Keep reading and I will help you gain clarity over all this crazy confusion.

So, you follow a Diet, which starts off great, but then ends up to be the biggest destroyer of your health and motivation!

How? Why?

Because Diets are designed to give you quick results by cutting out fat, carbs, or excessive amounts of calories, so of course you lose weight, only to plateau after just a few weeks or months... and that's FRUSTRATING!

That's because DIETS destroy your metabolism plus causes nutrient deficiences and hormone imbalances.

So what happens next is you end up binging and gaining all your weight back, plus a few extra pounds from where you started. I'm not psychic- this happens to over 97% of people that go on a diet. It's so frustrating and heart-breaking.

I lost and gained weight at least eight times in my life; and 5 of them since I became a certified trainer and nutritionist. I remember feeling so confused, frustrated, and even helpless.

All these extreme changes in weight and diet disrupts hormones and gut health, so sleep becomes a struggle, as you may even lose your sex drive!!

Did you try kicking up your exercise up a notch, but didn't see the result you hoped for? That's what happened to me. Nothing will rob you of your motivation to exercise more than this.

And nothing you do or try helps to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

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By the Grace of God, 10 years into my career, I was one of 17 trainers invited to an exclusive 2-year training given by two amazing doctors that wanted to share information and partner with fitness professionals and nutritionists, to help people regain their health and stop taking medications!

I had never heard of doctors who wanted to help people get off medications, but I knew that this was in alignment with my philosophy and approach.

Through their training, I learned the ONE key to solve all of these struggles and more...

but it was complicated and took a ton of effort.

I was able to lose 22 pounds and cut my bodyfat down by more than half from 21% down to 9% in less than 3 months, but I wondered if I could keep it off for good.

And could I help others achieve similar results?

I spent the next 3 years after the training experimenting with my clients (that were willing).

Not only did I not gain more than 1 to 3 pounds on occasion over the next 3 years (it's actually been almost 15 years now), but I was able to do the same for dozens of clients, which is how I was able to create my simple 6-Step System to losing belly fat and excess weight for good, plus optimizing your health!

Over the past decade, I've shared my system with thousands of clients, including over 700 long-haul truck drivers that had followed the system had amazing results!

They were able to get past any confusion and gain clarity of which foods worked for them and which foods were better to have only on occasion.

Their energy increased tremendously so they had better quality time with friends and family, were more productive at work, got better results with exercise, and yes, had better sex!

They slept better and felt more positive and focused.

They reduced inflammation and experienced less aches and pains.

They were able to lose that stubborn belly fat and keep it off for good!

Hi, my name is Sergio Rojas- I’ve been a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and holistic health coach for over 25 years.

I was the semi-finalist for ‘Trainer of the Year’ on the Dr. Oz Show; a health expert for NBC Chicago for 11 years; been featured in Men's Fitness and Teen ESPN. I even worked for the White House for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Most recently, I developed an award-winning wellness and weight loss program for long-haul truck drivers which I just mentioned above.

And if they can do it, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!

That's why I’m soooo excited to share with you my new ebook, “Say Goodbye To Belly Fat"

Why DIETS will Never Work over time and actually lead to Weight Gains.

How many times have you lost weight and got excited, only to gain it all back and feel a bit defeated and depressed?

Remember- it's happened to me more than 8 times!! And 5 of them while I was a certified trainer and nutritionist.

The food and diet industry is filled with lies and deceptive marketing. They get you to lose weight knowing that you will gain it all back and come back for more.

That's how the diet industry is over $370 Billion per year, yet obesity keeps increasing. Today, over 70 percent of Americans are overweight. One out of every 3 is severely overweight and pre-diabetic or diabetic.

What I really LOVE about not only losing the 22 pounds I just gained in less than 3 months, and being able to keep it off for the past 14 years...

was that I didn't have to give up my favorite foods like pizza, dark chocolate, or wine!!

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What's even better is that I have more energy now in my 50's than when I was in my 20's and 30's; I'm back to having the same waist size pants I did in high school; and I'm not embarrassed taking my shirt off at the beach.

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There have been multiple times in my life, including early in my career as a nutritionist and trainer, where I felt embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach- I had man-boobs, cellulite around my ribs, and a large love handles that I didn't feel any love for... Never Again!!

How would your life be different if you...

knew what foods to eat to give you the most energy and fat loss, which foods to eat once in a while, and which eat only on special occasions?

had more energy throughout the entire day for work, family, friends, intimacy?

found ways to be active and fit without spending an hour or even 30 minutes at a gym?

lost excess belly fat and weight, and never ever again gained more than a few pounds back?

My life has changed tremendously! It's even helped my mental and emotional health.

After I saw that it worked not only on me, but on thousands of my clients, I made a promise to share this with as many people as possible, because if it works for all these people, especially for truck drivers, I know deep in my heart that it will work for you too!

I decided to put my system into a book and share this simple 6-Step system will help you lose belly-fat and excess weight, and keep it off for good, so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

But I also didn't want to just write a book and have you read it while sitting on a couch and not taking any action, which happens with a lot of diet and weight loss books.

That's why I created an entire 'Forever Fat Loss System' to go along with my ebook, so you can take action and have real and lasting results.

And I'm practically giving it away at a rediculously low price.

Why am I doing this?

If I want to make a real impact in the world, I need to help as many people as possible!

I can only privately coach a very limited amount of people, and I charge over $200 per hour, so creating a simple system with the right resources for immediate action and support is the best way I know how to help as many people as possible...

And I know that a few people will ask for private coaching, so it all works out.

Are you ready to get rid of excess belly fat without starving or giving up your favorite foods, have more energy and confidence, look and feel your best at any age, plus truly improve your health by following my Forever Fat Loss System.

You don't have to take my word for it... check out how it's helped Laura:

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Laura K.

'Sergio's step-by-step program gave me a new perspective on food. My bloating went away, and I finally broke through a plateau and was able to lose over 80 pounds... and that was over 4 years ago.'

Here's What You'll Discover...

A simple breathing technique to increase metabolism, curb cravings, manage portions, and reduce bloating...

Seven easy ways to get your gut healthy to increase fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity, while also reducing bloating...

How to manage your macros, still enjoy carbs if you enjoy them, increase your energy and lose belly fat...

How you can use intermittent fasting, and which type to use, in order to accelerate fat loss, while also improving insulin sensitivity and reducing cravings...

How to enjoy being active and lose fat without going to the gym; plus simple and effective workouts you can do right in your home to increase fat los